Where is the best place to put solar panels on your house?

Solar panels are usually fixedly installed on the roof of your home and should face south, which receives the most sunlight. Solar panels generate more electricity when they receive the most sunlight, which comes from the southerly direction. Installing solar energy in your home is a simple and quick process. Solar panels can be mounted on the roof of your house or on the ground, where conditions are best on your property.

One of the highlights for your solar panels is the roof of your property. It's one of the places where your building has the most contact with sunlight, so it's logical to install them here. South is the best direction for solar panels to look in general. In almost all cases, homeowners will achieve the biggest savings on their electricity bills and a faster payback period by looking their solar panels south in any other direction.

In the Northern Hemisphere, the general rule for placing solar panels is that solar panels should face the true south (and in the south, the true north). This is usually the best direction because solar panels receive direct light throughout the day. However, there is a difference between magnetic south and true south that needs to be taken into account. The magnetic south is the south shown when using a compass, and this south points to the Earth's south magnetic pole.

However, solar panels must be oriented to the solar or geographical south, which is the direction towards the South Pole. By the same reasoning, if the solar panel is located in the southern hemisphere, the panel should face in the direction of true north. All things being equal, solar panels in Seattle, WA, will see a much larger production drop in the non-south alignment than a house in Miami, FL. Honolulu averages 271 days of bright sunshine per year, making it a perfect place to install solar panels.

There are many homeowners without roofs facing south, who have solar panels installed and enjoy huge savings on their electricity bills. Essentially, the closer a solar panel is to the equator, the more the panel should point upwards. Make sure you select the perfect solar panel locations to maximize your panels and make your switch to solar a worthwhile investment. The rate of use of solar panels is expected to increase as the cost of solar energy continues to fall without sacrificing power generation.

Some homeowners choose to have roof panels facing east and west if they don't have a house facing south. If your home isn't ideal for solar panels or you can't install them on your property, community solar power may be right for you. Panels mounted on a standard pitched roof facing east or west will produce approximately 15% less production than panels facing south with the same slope. If you want to install solar panels on your property, contact the solar energy experts at SolarNRG Philippines.

However, one factor that most individuals and businesses have to continually address is finding the right location of solar panels. To make your life easier, we've compiled a quick list of the best cities to have solar panels, so you can decide if installing solar panels is right for you. It's best to target your solar panels between South and Southwest if your utility uses time-of-use (TOU) billing. The state is now one of the top ten states for solar jobs and offers discounts and incentives to encourage people to use solar energy.

However, if peak rates move to three times the lowest activity rate (or more), solar panels should look southwest. .