Who does solar panels near me?

Apex Solar Power, LLC Link opens in a new window - close a new window to return to this page. Find out if your home is ready for solar energy and compare offers from a list of local, trusted installers online. If you want to see all of the above, but also see live prices, the three best solar deals available in your city, and get binding quotes from each of these solar companies, use this New York solar panel calculator. Everyone can take advantage of the federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC), which will allow you to claim 30% of the cost of your solar project when you file your tax return, reducing the amount of tax you owe that year.

The average payback period for solar panel installation is approximately 6.0 years, but the exact period varies based on local electricity costs, incentives, and net metering programs. Gold status is earned when solar installers earn NYSERDA quality solar installer designation for three consecutive years. Enter your data into the solar panel calculator to see how your location, roof pitch, and roof direction affect solar panel production. To secure these incentives and maximize solar energy savings, New Yorkers should consider switching to solar sooner rather than later.

The production of solar panels requires the use of chemicals and produces toxic waste that can be harmful to the environment, which is the main negative of solar panels. The study found that solar momentum was higher in the New York metropolitan area than the national average, reaching 5.4%, with New York City's solar premium 1.8% higher than statewide. In hybrid solar systems, rooftop solar panels are connected to both a solar battery and the power grid. The most important incentive for installing solar panels in homes and businesses is the federal solar tax credit.

The data on this page comes from real quotes of solar energy to real buyers of solar energy in the EnergySage Marketplace. Another way to look at this question is the level amount you'll pay for each kWh of energy you'll use over the next 25 years with and without solar panels. In order to increase the installation and use of solar panels, federal, state and local governments, and even some utility companies, offer incentives to help make solar energy more viable and economically accessible. With all of this in mind, if you're ready to incorporate solar energy into your home, look for a pre-screened solar panel installation company near you.