Who sells solar panels for homes?

GoGreenSolar is the only solar panel distributor that offers expert support by phone or email, in addition to affordable wholesale prices. When you buy your Solaris solar panels, you receive one of the lowest prices per watt in the industry, allowing you to generate a higher return on investment in the cost of your system. Make a better move and join us for their solar energy products. Sunrun gives you the option to purchase your solar panels.

When you own your home solar system, you get all the benefits of solar energy. This means that solar incentives, such as state rebates for solar energy, Renewable Solar Energy Credits (SREC), and the federal solar tax credit, will go directly to you. You could also recoup the cost of your investment thanks to the potential value that the system adds to your home; however, you will be responsible for any repairs and maintenance that your solar system needs outside the scope of your home's solar system manufacturer's warranty. The output power of solar panels ranges from 310 to 420 watts or more, with an average price per watt of 68 to 75 cents.

Fortunately, since most states offer property tax exemptions for home solar systems, you may not have to pay more for the potential value your system adds to your home. It simply means that your energy production will decline at what solar panel manufacturers consider optimal to meet the average energy needs of homes. For example, the best available solar panels may have higher efficiencies and warranties, but will usually be more expensive. The first solar policy enacted in Empire State was the Solar Property Tax Exemption in 1977, which freed homeowners from the additional property taxes that come with a solar installation.

Regardless of the exact cost of installation, there are many affordable financing options for solar panel systems. Brightbox helps you back up your entire home with a Tesla Powerwall, or you can back up only the rooms you need with an LG Chem solar battery. We believe that home solar panels and battery storage should maximize quality, efficiency and affordability.